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​It is never easy to present the social habits of a certain country but we hope that this information will help any international student to adapt faster in Iași and in Romania. 
Romania has a rich history, unique natural landscapes, and warm and hospitable inhabitants. The main attractions in Romania are Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea Coast, and the Danube Delta, which is the largest European delta and very well preserved. The religious architecture, medieval cities, and castles accentuate and capitalize Romania’s tourist potential. ​​


​Stylish, cosy and richly rewarding, Iaşi is brimming with history and art. The impressive number of interacting scientific and cultural institutions (six universities, over sixty schools and high schools, a branch of the Romanian Academy with several research institutes, two theatres, an opera house, a philharmonic, dozens of museums and art galleries, libraries, several publishing houses, many radio and TV stations, cultural centres of several European countries, all in a 500,000-inhabit​ant town) explain why Iaşi is considered to be “the cultural capital of Romania”, as it was named for the first time at the inauguration of our University in 1860.

Iasi was considered to be the first and the oldest cultural capital of modern Romania, hosting unique monuments of art.

At UAIC, the structure of the academic education includes three level of studies: 
The bachelor's (first level) 3 years, Master's (second level), 2 years and Doctoral (third level), 3 years.

​​UAIC's Campus is like a city in a city. The distances between the main building, faculties' buildings and Central Library are quite short


More than 20 students organizations are known at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași, but new ones are being set up every year.