​Campuses, public transport 

TAMK's main campus in Kauppi is the home base for thousands of students in nine study fields and dozens of degree programmes. TAMK Main Campus is located on Kuntokatu in the Kauppi area of Tampere, about three kilometres from Tampere's main railway station. Up to 8,000 people work and study there daily. The campus has a wide variety of learning environments, where students develop professional skills on the learning-by-doing principle: laboratories, simulation rooms, multi-purpose learning spaces – and also traditional classrooms.  TAMK main campus can easily be reached by tram from the city centre and Hervanta suburb and by buses from other locations. During the spring season, electric scooters are a handy way to move around, too. 

The Mediapolis campus is a new kind of centre for media content production and ICT. Approximately 600 media students study there. In addition, several hundreds of people come to work at Mediapolis every day, as a number of media companies have made their base there. Mediapolis is located in Tohloppi, abou t 6 kilometres from the Tampere city centre. The campus can be reached by bus. 

The Proakatemia campus is located in the Finlayson area, in the heart of Tampere. It is an inspiring centre for entrepreneurship studies, where students' skills are fostered by TAMK coaches, alumni, and companies operating in the vicinity of the campus. Proakatemia is located about a kilometre from the main railway station and 500 metres from Central Square. You can hop on any local bus which goes through Central Square to reach the campus. 


Tampere University Library supports with its services Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences studies, teaching, and research. We are an open science Library for all.  There are several units to choose from, the closest one being TAMK Main campus library.  The library has materials from all fields included in TAMK's degree programs, especially materials in the fields of technology, social and health care, business administration and music. 

More about the library units: https://www.tuni.fi/en/library/units-and-opening-hours.


Student union TAMKO and the student card 

TAMK's student union TAMKO welcomes you to join. By joining you can get many benefits, the most visible being the student card. It is key to a multitude of student benefits. AMK student card is available for all degree- and exchange students who have registered present for the upcoming term of the academic year. There's a membership fee to be paid, but with the card you can, for example get subsidized meals at a very low price from the student restaurants in TAMK.  In the autumn 2022 the student lunch price is__________ 


Club International Tampere (CLINT) is a sub-organization of Tamko. The main mission of CLINT is to enhance the cooperation between Finnish students and exchange students who come to study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. CLINT organizes a variety of events, trips and other acti vities to help foreign students with their adaptation to Finnish culture with other international-minded Finnish students. 

 Follow CLINT from their social media: @tamkclint 

Orientation week 

TAMK organizes a mandatory Welcome Week for all new exchange students at the beginning of each semester. The Welcome Week will be held in-person. During Welcome Week, you will receive information on studies, practicalities related to living in Tampere, university services, and the student union.  Autumn semester Welcome week is approximately week 33 and Spring semester Welcome week 1. 


Students´ Union Tamko will assign a student tutor to every exchange student. The tutors will contact incoming students by e-mail and help with any questions that new students may have before arrival. The tutors are also responsible for picking up arriving exchange students from the airport / bus station / railway station in Tampere, helping to get the keys from the housing agency, and enrolling on the courses etc.  So-called “Survival Kits" are also for rent from TAMKO. They contain basic facilities like kitchen utensils and bed linen.  

Each One Teach One 

If you would like to get to know students coming from different countries, meet with them in casual settings, learn their languages and culture and/or teach them your own, and get credits for doing that? If you became interested, Each One Teach One is exactly for you. 

Further information from this link: International affairs


Eating on campus 

Campusravita Oy maintains the student restaurant and cafeteria on the main campus. Opening hours and menus can be found at www.campusravita.fi  The student priced meal is available by showing a valid student card or KELA meal subsidy card. Coffee and bakery products are available without VAT by showing the student card. 

There are also six Pikante restaurants in the Finnmedi areas one of which offers student priced meal: Finn-Medin ravintola. Website:  Finn-Medin ravintola (only inFinnish)  

Student life 

In Tampere, student life is very vibrant. Tamko is involved in different kinds of events, both as an organizer and as a partner. The most important thing is, however, to organize as versatile culture and leisure activities as possible. Tamko tries to take everyone into consideration to guarantee that majority of students could attend the events. Student events are held weekly, and the easiest way to find information about them is to follow student associations' and clubs' social media and  Kide.app




With the SportUni fee, you are entitled to use the sports services on all campuses at TAMK and Tampere University, TAU. The sports opportunities include gyms, group exercise classes, courses and ball games. Additionally, individual sports services are offered. 

The SportUni fee is paid according to the practices of both universities. The fee can be paid separately for each semester or the entire year. The sports fee is paid at the university where you are studying. After the payment, you can use the services at your own campus, and after having requested the access rights you can use the services also at the two other campuses. TAMK students pay the fee at Tamko's office. 

Learn more from SportUni's website 

You can also follow SportUni on social media: @sportunitampere 


Tampereen orastavat lihakset urheiluseura ry (or Tolu ry, freely translated as Tampere's Burgeoning Muscles Sports Club) is a student sports club that works closely together with Tamko. We participate in organizing various events and activities and in increasing knowledge about the delights and necessity of sports. The goal is to get students moving. All Tamko members are welcome to attend the regular weekly sports shift. Various sports are played on a weekly sports shift in a relaxed mood. 

Follow Tolu Instagr am to know more about weekly sports shifts! @urheiluseuratolu.