TAMK is one of the largest and most popular universities of applied sciences in Finland with around 11.000 students and 750 employees. We offer more than 50 degree programmes, of which 15 are in English: 7 bachelor level and 7 master level programmes.  In Tampere, every sixth resident is a student who contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city. It’s also visible in good student housing facilities, a plethora of student events, and discounts for students in shops and services around the city.  Finns generally have very high English language proficiency; they learn English at school even from the age of six. In fact, most Finns are fluent speakers of English. 

Did you know: 

Our Tampere University alumna Sanna Marin, at age of 34, became both the world's youngest serving state leader at the time and Finland's youngest-ever prime minister. To learn more, please see her open lecture “The Climate Sustainable Welfare Society: Is it the Model of the Future?” held at Columbia University on 6 March 2020. 

TAMK’s six schools steer the core operations of education, RDI and paid services 

  • School of Business and Media 

  • School of Pedagogical Innovations and Culture 

  • School of Built Environment and Bioeconomy 

  • School of Social Services and Health Care 

  • School of Industrial Engineering 

The Finnish system of academic education gives students a great deal of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. The hierarchy is low, no titles are used in discussions and most teachers and other staff can be called by their first name.  

Through extensive group work studies and project-based learning, our students acquire valuable competencies for working life. Our academic approach puts you at the centre of your learning process. Rather than requiring you to absorb information, we value you as a contributor to our academic community and expect you to actively participate in classes. We want you to discover the central point in the issues you are studying yourself, bring your own perspective into discussions, question what you learn, and build a convincing argument. 

Learn more about TAMK programmes in English here: 

In a doubl​e degree programme, students conduct part of their studies in one of our foreign partner universities. After graduating, they get two diplomas - one from TAMK, and the other from the partner university. For example the Degree Programme in International Business offers three Double degree options: KEDGE in France, Salford in UK and MUAS in Germany. 

Tuition fees 

Tuition fees apply only to non​-EU/EEA citizens studying in Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes offered in English at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. For EU/EEA citizens there’s no tuition fee. TAMK tuition fees:  

  • Bachelor's degrees: 9 800 € per academic year 

  • Master's degrees: 10 800 € per academic year 


TAMK offers scholarship options for all degree students who are subject to tuition fees. All scholarsips are awarded as waivers or discounts from payable amounts. They are mainly based on study success, but there’s also an early bird scholarship granted for those who accept the study place within 7 days from receiving the conditional offer letter from TAMK. 


Exchange studies at TAMK 

TAMK has 335 partner universities in 55 countries for student exchanges, summer schools and other means of international cooperation.  Together with Tampere University, we constitute the Tampere Universities community, the second largest and most diverse higher education and research group in Finland.   

TAMK welcomes international students to study with us for a semester or two as an exchange student! Nomination by your home university is required for all students to be able to apply through our exchange agreements, networks and programmesOnce TAMK has received nominations from partner universities, the link to the online application form will be sent by email to the nominated students.  

Students applying to TAMK as exchange students must have completed at least one year of study at their home university before the exchange at TAMK starts. The length of a study exchange may be one or two semesters, depending on the terms of the bilateral agreement between TAMK and the partner university concerned:  Autumn semester (August - December) or Spring semester (January - May) 

Student Mobility Services: incoming.tamk@tuni.fi, staff will help you with all your questions and concerns about studying at TAMK. 


Residence Permit 

Citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries: EU and EEA nationals and non-EU nationals with comparable status (EFTA countries) do not need a residence permit before arrival. However, as you will be staying in Finland for over three months, you will have to register your right of residence once you arrive.  

Citizens of non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries: Students arriving from all other countries usually need a residence permit for studies in order to stay in Finland for a longer period of time, that is, for 90 days or longer. A residence permit allows you to live, stay and travel in Finland and to leave and re-enter the country during the validity of the permit.  Further information on residence permits for studies is available on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). It is a good idea to check also the website of the Finnish mission for any country-specific instructions.  


Student health insurance for exchange students 

Citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries: Citizens of EU/EEA countries should acquire a European Health Insurance Card (EHEC) from their home countries prior to coming to Finland. By presenting your European Health Insurance Card, you will receive necessary acute medical treatment in public hospitals/clinics on the same terms as the local residents 

Additional Health Insurance: Because the European Health Insurance Card is not sufficient for non-acute medical treatment, TAMK highly recommends that all exchange students take personal travel and health insurance, covering at least acute illnesses and accidents before departure to Finland. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, a relevant valid document or an insurance policy, you will be charged the full costs for the services (the actual expenses of medical care). TAMK is not responsible for any medical charges incurred by its students or by a possible pandemic outbreak. 

For more information, please see Exchange student’s health services and well-being.  

Citizens of non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries: If you are a non-EU/EEA/EFTA national, you are required to take out an insurance policy when you apply for a residence permit. Further information on insurance is available on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service. 


Student housing 

TAMK does not have on-campus dormitories. Housing for students in Tampere is administrated by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS). TOAS offers furnished rooms for incoming exchange students at a student-friendly price including free internet and other fairly priced services (car sharing, car park, TOAS gyms). TOAS tenancy agreements are always fixed-term* (from August to December or/and January to May). 

The application period for TOAS apartments starts in May for the autumn semester and around mid-October for the spring semester. You should apply before you get the official Letter of Acceptance from TAMK. 

All about exchange studies at TAMK here: https://www.tuni.fi/study-with-us/exchange-studies 


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