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Tampere is the sauna capital of the world – but there's plenty more to it than that. Tampere is considered the Ice Hockey Capital of Finland, where you can enjoy the best wings in the country thanks to Siipiweikot wings and sauce, whilst attending one of numerous sports bars. It is also home of the Mustamakkara (Black sousage), a local delicacy that is enjoyed with lingonberry jam. If you like sweeter things, make sure to drop by Pyynikki for the best coffee with Munkki doughnuts.

Located in the Lakeland region, it's on a scenic spot on a narrow isthmus between two great lakes. The rapids that flow through the city centre are surrounded by old, industrial red-brick buildings that nowadays serve as restaurants, cafes, museums and shops. The compact centre makes Tampere great for walking and gives the place a friendly, small-town feel. Outside the old city centre, there are many beautiful districts with scenic views of the surrounding lakes.

Tampere is the second-largest urban area and third most-populous individual municipality in Finland, after the cities of Helsinki and Espoo, and the most populous Finnish city outside the Greater Helsinki area. Today, Tampere is one of the major urban, economic, and cultural hubs in the whole inland region. With a population near 250,000 people, Tampere is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries.

Tampere ranked 26th in the list of 446 cities in the world's hipster cities, and it has often been rated as the most popular city in Finland. The positive development of Tampere and the Tampere metropolitan area has continued throughout the 21st century, which is largely due to Tampere being one of the most migratory and attractive cities in Finland.

According to the Tampere International Business Office, the area is strong in mechanical engineering and automation, information and communication technologies, and health and biotechnology, as well as pulp and paper industry education.

The demographic structure of Tampere shows the city's position as a very popular place to study, as the number of young adults is clearly higher than in other municipalities in the region.

Tammerfest, Tampere's urban rock festival, is held every July. The Blockfest, which also takes place in Tampere during the summer months, is the largest hip hop event in the Nordic countries. The Tampere Floral Festival is an annual event, held each Summer.


In Finland and in Tampere there is both private and public health and both are second to none. In case you have an emergency and need immediate medical treatment or care, or in need of an ambulance, you can call the public number 112 for assistance. You can also book with a doctor or nurse through the Universities Hospital, TAYS https://www.tays.fi/en-US or private health lock for a private health provider.


Finland is ranked amongst the safest countries in the world. However, should you require help or assistance from the poliisi, you can call 112 for assistance.

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ "The city of great loves"

Let's talk about:

    • Basic Facts you must know about Iași 
    • Discover Iași and its surroundings 
    • Cafes, restaurants, cafeterias 
    • Bars & Nightlife 
    • Opportunities to work in Iași 



Basic Facts you must know about Iași 

    1. It is the 2nd largest city in Romania, with almost 400.000 inhabitants 
    2. It is the largest city in its region called „Moldova” or „Moldavia”, a former Principality that lasted for 500 years before it was split between Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine 
    3. Iași is „the city of Seven Hills”, ranging from 150m (Copou) to 370m (Repedea 
    4. The recent dynamic of the city is due to university life (50.000 students) and to new industries  such as IT & soft development, graphic design, general outsourced services (25.000 employees).  
    5. Iași is known as the „City of 100 Churches” and the capital of Orthodox Pilgrimage in Romania (every 14th of October)  
    6. Iași was the capital of the Principality of „Moldavia” for 300 years, between 1564 and 1864, and its symbol, the Palace of Culture, is the former headquarter of this principality.  
    7. Iași has the biggest number of foreign full-time students in Romania (over 3000) 
    8. The internet fiber is one of the fastest in the world, with economic access to internet services 
    9. Iași is the gateway to the Republic of Moldova and its capital city, Chișinău 
    10. Iași was host to an important Jewish community (maximum 35.000 people in 1900) and the place of a dark moment in its history: the Pogrom of Iași, 1941, There is a dedicated museum in the city center, in a place called Casa Muzeelor 


Discover Iași and its surroundings 

Iași is a city rich in heritage buildings, museums, places of memory, green areas.  Make sure you spend a memorable time in Iași and enjoy most of it. Attend guided tour offered by the Association Iasi.travel (https://www.facebook.com/traveltoiasi and visit their website www.iasi.travel each time you want to find out more about a certain place in Iași. A local tour guide or a volunteer student is valuable as the city secrets better reveal with an insider. Reserve some weekends for city exploration on cultural theme trails provided by Iasi.Travel (Union, Arts, Communism, Jewish, Pilgrimage, Romantic). If you want to escape the city, enjoy the bike tour of the seven hills provided by the „Active” Trail.    

Cafes, restaurants, cafeterias 

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Bars & Nightlife 

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Opportunities to work in Iași 

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